Our Network

Our Network

Using Denken Global network, freight forwarders are able to effectively manage cargo and bookings, access sailing schedules, submit shipping instructions, review bills of lading, create standardized reports, and track & trace shipments around the globe.

As a result forwarders realize:
Direct Cost Savings
By reducing manual processing costs and eliminating in-house solutions to connect to multiple carriers.
Faster Processing Times
By reducing paper, faxes, phone calls, etc.
Higher Data Quality
Increased Visibility
To better manage the shipping initiation process.

And, with the Denken Global, forwarders can also automate their ocean freight management processes for LCL and FCL shipments to Denken GLOBAL. This allows forwarders to:

Unify Operational Processes
For sending transactions to both carriers. Forwarders use the same Denken GLOBAL product (I-LINK, I-ACT or I-DESKTOP) to send bookings and SIs to any carrier on the Denken Global network.
Use a Single Connection
To transact with trading partners on the Denken Global network.
Leverage Centralized Support Resources

The Denken Global network provides unmatched breadth, depth and scope to meet your needs. With over 10 years of experience and experts from the ocean shipping industry, Denken Global is positioned to be your partner now and for years to come. We offer:

Global connectivity to carriers that provide over 90%
Of all ocean shipments and which is expanding rapidly.
A flexible platform
Allowing you to connect to our network via an EDI/XML/ANSI Connection (LINK), Desktop Application (DESKTOP), or via the Web (ACT).
Complete suite of products
To automate your ocean shipment processes for your customers.


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