Customs broking or Customs brokerage is a profession that involves the "clearing" of goods through customs barriers for importers and exporters (usually businesses). This involves the preparation of documents and/or electronic submissions, the calculation and payment of taxes, duties and excises, and facilitating communication between government authorities and importers and exporters.

Custom brokers may be employed by or affiliated with freight forwarders, independent businesses, or shipping lines, importers, exporters, trade authorities, and customs brokerage firms.

Our brokerage group provides expedited releases in virtually any port /ICD in India. Customs brokerage professionals leverage local expertise and Denken Global ensures your valuable cargo is released quickly and accurately. Your program is tailor made to your needs and provides a cost effective solution that is both real and deliverable.

We have an In-house Customs clearance department that enables us to have total control on the shipments at all times. A well-designed and well-managed customs clearance program reduces cycle times, improves shipment visibility and lowers cost. Local experts of our Customs Brokerage service enable timely and reliable movement of your goods through the customs process. Also whilst moving shipments to other countries we work with the best custom brokers who are thorough professionals and efficient in their work leading to reduced cycle times, improved shipment visibility and lower cost.

Our comprehensive line of customs brokerage services include:

• Automated customs clearance
• Classification and valuation expertise
• Customized management reports
• Customs bond underwriting

The benefits associated with Customs Brokerage Services include:

Electronic customs clearance that begins while your shipments are still in flight.
Expert brokers to handle all complexities and ensure accurate rating of duties and taxes.
Use of our advanced online tracking application to monitor your shipment throughout its journey.
Routine customs clearance automatically included in all air service rates (where applicable).

Our team of trade professionals is well-versed in the intricacies of customs requirements. Our team is experienced in customs brokerage of petroleum industry, refinery, manufacturing, machinery and new industry building and set up. The team is accredited of handling the multi faceted refinery from day one until the commissioning delivery.


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