Retail Industry

The retail industry is marked by strong competition including growing categories such as hardliners, specialty stores, perishable goods and specialty apparel.
Retail Industry

There is pressure due to increasing consumer demand for value and convenience, which results in shifts in market share across various retail formats. Consumer requirements are highly individual, difficult to predict and time-sensitive. Forecasting needs to be very exact in order to make sure the correct inventory is in the stores at just the right time. Thus, visibility and speed in delivery is highly relevant for a supply chain management provider. Seasonal peaks, fluctuation in demand, multimodal supply chains and temperature-controlled cargo all require accurate, on time information, and end-to-end visibility.

Denken Global Retail Solutions

Effective supply chain management is critical in the fast-moving world of retail. As a leading global supply chain service provider to some of the world’s largest retailers, Denken Global understands what it means when shelves are out of stock, when inventory is too high, or when space allocations are tight during peak seasons. In response to the demands this unique industry places on retailers, Denken Global’s Retail Solutions provide visibility and deliver the right product, at the right place, at the right time, and for the right price. In other words; comprehensive supply chain optimization. The transportation of retail goods requires logistics industry specialists with an international network, the facility to store, the capability to optimize cargo consolidation and the tools to provide visibility throughout the supply chain.

Retail Specialty Experts

The Denken Global solution for the retail industry includes utilizing our experts and their collective experience across a variety of industries. Combined with our network of freight forwarding products, specialty businesses, and logistics expertise, they create solutions that answer the specific requirements of the Retail Industry.

From supply chain optimization to carbon footprint analysis, all of our Retail Services are designed to provide retailers with control over their supply chain to reduce costs, improve cash flow through shorter order-to-cash cycle times, reduce risk of stock-outs and increase efficiency. We provide total supply chain visibility and instant reporting on merchandise flows across all modes of transport.

Services Designed for the Retail Industry

• Vendor Management Services & Purchase Order Management
• Single Transportation Management System (TMS) Interface
• Consolidation Management
• Direct To Store Distribution Services
• Warehousing and Distributions Solutions
• Reverse Logistics
• Bar Coding, Ticketing, Labeling, Slip Sheeting, Kitting
• Supply Chain Management & Optimization


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