Supply Chain Solutions

Supply Chain Solutions

We use a combination of business analysis and advanced modeling tools to align a company's supply chain infrastructure, processes, and policies with its service level requirements to help improve profitability and customer satisfaction.

We analyze all logistics components including inbound and outbound transportation, facility location, product sourcing, facility sizing, and inventory to determine your current cost structure and develop alternatives to improve service and minimize cost.

Then we evaluate trade-offs between fixed and variable facility costs, transportation costs, and inventory costs to determine the optimum distribution network.

Our Process

1. Define project scope
2. Gather detailed data set
3. Establish design assumptions
4. Baseline existing supply chain network
5. Identify improvement opportunities
6. Develop scenarios
7. Run scenarios
8. Rationalize the scenarios
9. Compare scenarios to each other and the baseline
10. Develop recommendations, present conclusions

Benefits Realization

You could see benefits from the following:
• Improved assignment of customers to servicing distribution centers with optimum mode/service use
• Optimized inventory levels throughout your supply chain
• Mapped supply chain through
Customer "test drive" scenarios prior to significant capital investments


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