Online Fulfillment

Online Fulfillment

Fulfillment Services from Denken Global

Your order fulfillment services status:
Whatever you want to know – whenever you want to know!
Know what’s in . . . what’s out . . . and what’s in inventory.
Our integrated outsourcing services reduce your logistical and coordination issues, thereby increasing the efficiency and cost-effectiveness of each project.

To ensure your products are properly packaged, labeled and delivered safely and on schedule, Precision’s Fulfillment Specialists offer the following services:

Inventory Management

• Low stock “item alert” client email notification (multiple skews)
• Primary location restocking reports for pick and pack
• Cycle counting based on usage reports
• Physical inventories taken annually
• Online reporting
• Quality control

Handling of Materials


• Advance receipt notifications
• Bar-coding
• Receiving – PO system
• Quality control checkpoints


• Wire guide racking system minimizes storage costs
• Primary and secondary bin locations for picking
• Climate control
• Building security

Picking, Packing Assembling and Labeling:

• Picker never packs
• Double-check packing
• Pick to order
• Batch picks
• Roll-outs and assemblies
• Custom labeling
• Quality control (frequent random carton checks)


• Able to kit for stock or build kits as necessary
• Client custom kitting online
• Quality control


• Real-time updates of tracking information for web reporting
• Use all common carriers
• Scheduling
• Shipment consolidation
• Route optimization and cost analysis for all outbound shipping activity

Online order processing - Denken Global makes it easy!

• Submit fulfillment services orders via Web, fax, email, EDI (Electronic Data Interchange), FTP (File Transfer Protocol) or manual entry.
• Order tracking from placement to delivery in the fulfillment services process
• Cost-per-order pricing
• Fulfillment orders in by 2 out by 5
• 24/7 online access to all your data
• Receive automated complimentary backorder notification
• Take advantage of electronic tracking - from point of receipt through customer shipment and delivery
• Print or display custom, on-demand reports as part of our order fulfillment process
• Receive automated backorder notification
• Save with best-cost transportation rate shipping analysis

Get Fulfillment Services from Denken Global
Denken Global makes it easy to know - what is in, what is out, and what is in inventory.


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