Engineering Industry:

Engineering Industry

Scope of the team:

“Our aim is to offer real added value to our Industrial, Engineering & Logistics clients using collaborative tools enabling us to function as a coherent global unit. This guarantees quick access to expert knowledge, efficient implementation of best practices and a faster research process.”

Denken Global team addresses the specific needs of the following industry groups:
• Raw materials, mining, metals
• Process & chemical industry
• Machines
• Automation
• Logistics
• Engineering
• Construction
• Industrial & engineering related services

While the team covers all functions in the above mentioned industries, it has also developed specific expertise in manufacturing related positions, especially in lean manufacturing.

How can you benefit from the Industrial, Engineering and Logistics Team’s services?

If you feel you would like to benefit from the expertise offered by Denken Global simply contact one of the team leaders. They will make sure the right group of consultants is put together to answer your queries.

Apart from the Global and the regional leaders, the team is composed of some professionals coming from different countries who work together using collaborative web 2.0 tools. In those cases where there is no team member in the country where a search is to be conducted, local consultants are briefed and supported throughout the recruitment process. This ensures professional recruitment services for our industrial, engineering & logistics clients on a global scale.

Your advantages:

• In-depth industry knowledge guarantees better understanding of your needs
• Efficient information exchange within the team, accelerated research process
• Specific candidate database
• Salary level information
• Market Intelligence, access to expert knowledge
• Partnership with WCOM/Lean Manufacturing consulting firms and business schools


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