Warehousing & Logistics

Warehousing & Logistics

Doing more with less is the goal of every logistics manager. Denken Global has the experience, expertise and excellence in providing value-added services that complement our customers’ warehousing, distribution and fulfillment functions. Denken Global works with each customer to provide the appropriate value-added services within each operation.

Denken Global’s expansion into Logistics Services has been enabled by the establishment into Third Party Logistics (2PL & 3PL).

Supply Chain Management forms a basic and integral part of Denken Global’s business offerings to vendors. Denken Global has end-to-end logistics capabilities starting from import, warehousing, and stock movement across geographies, to packing / repacking, order processing and delivery anywhere within its operating footprint.


• Warehouse operations in and around globe.
• Operating with other service / support provider.
• Well trained and dedicated work force
• Strong Distribution network
• Providing Value Added Services like bar-coding, Snickering, Packing, Kitting, bundling, OCI, & shrink wrapping.
• Extending 3PL service
• Providing Reverse Logistics with call center facilities


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