Case Study

Case Study

Denken Global is one of the fastest-growing companies in India. It’s soaring success over the years is largely attributed to the company’s ability to expedite freight delivery through the use of transport routes, rather than the traditional hub and spoke model many larger carriers uses.

At Denken Global Supply Chain, we guarantee that your cargo will arrive on time and in perfect condition. But don’t just take our word – read the following case studies to find out how some of our customers have put our logistics expertise to the test.

Solution: Denken Global implemented Royal Tech System’s e-Royal IMPEX and its dynamic feasibility for their ongoing business activities.


Expanded revenue by 20%
Increased productivity by 25%
Greater operational efficiency

e – Filling


Customers need a reliable freight forwarder to Import / Export their goods with the customs approved conditions. Deken Global Supply chain activities are very challengeable one. But the end user gets the expected desired result.


Using our online filling software source and destination gets their result up to their satisfactory level. Not only shipping bill, bill of entry but also we can do the shipment, track & trace, accounting, customs dealing etc…

Consumer Goods / Retail / Fashions / Industry logistics


Coordinate and manage white glove, time-specific deliveries for a high end national retailer / consumer items handler, apparels etc…while eliminating a problematic high theft rate.


Denken Global has drastically reduced this client’s past claims rate ratio. Through more number of shipments in the first half year period, we only processed no claim status.

Logistics Industry

One of the largest supply chain companies are decided they were ready to move into the non-durables eIndustry space. However, having a considerable amount of e-Logistics Industry experience with other product lines, they knew the risks could be greater than the reward. What would concentrate? How fast? And what amount of transaction would be involved? They reached out to Denken Global for help in answering these and other logistics questions.


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